People spend more time with television than with any other media. Television is in 99.7% of Australian homes and is an integral part of our culture and society. Television advertising reaches your target audience quickly and encourages them to respond. It is extremely effective as part of an overall marketing campaign. Radar Promotions Australia will create a television advertising campaign to provide maximum exposure for your business at minimal cost.

Showcase your business statewide with one of our unique and cost-effective television advertising formats:

Tasmanian Business & Pleasure TV infotorials

Targeting a general television viewing audience.

Commercial Life

Television advertising the way it used to be – yet still affordable.


Television advertising that targets the youth market.

Stand alone corporate television advertising

Radar Promotions Australia has had many years of experience in the field of corporate television advertising. Our track-record is demonstrated in the outstanding results obtained by many of our clients.

Quality commercials at a fraction of the cost