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Tim and his team have been extremely helpful in advising us on the structuring, presentation and positioning of our message to maximum effect.

David, Tint-a-Car Hobart

I can see growth in my business

Dani, The Party Room

Every one of our new enquiries has come directly from Tasmanian Leisure and Pleasure

Alastair Matthewson, Tasvend

We have had the most successful season for many years

Rudi Van Dort, Anchor Wetsuits

BINGO! You’ve nailed it! Thank you so very much for your professionalism and patience.

Tom Payne, Tasmanian Celebrations

Mate, as they say in the classics, “luv ya work!”

Dean, Jim’s Computers

We are all seeing lots of new faces and the feedback coming back from them is positive.

Ellie & Kostas, Kostas Fresh Produce, Island Markets

How exciting! Thankyou so much Rikki – ALMOST worth delaying my flight to Bali just to see it on TV ... ALMOST! Thanks again.

Heidi, Hobart Formal

Just wanted to say the feedback I received from the Specsavers Report was really great! Thanks so much.

Rebecca Evenden, Campaign Coordinator

Thanks Tim, Rikki (Radar Promotions) ... IT TRULY DOES WORK!

Rob, Owner, Dip’n’Strip