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Contact Radar Promotions Australia for a Tasmanian Leisure & Pleasure, G3TV or Commercial Life proposal. We promise you maximum exposure at minimal cost, Tasmania-wide, on the number one rating station, Southern Cross Television plus on 7TWO and 7MATE. Call us for the best dollar air time rates available in the State. We work with you on step by step basis to produce a first class television commercial of the highest quality and standard.

Over 70 per cent of our clients have been on air for more than ten years, which speaks for itself. Please visit our testimonial page to view the dozens and dozens of client testimonials. We deal with new clients on a one-to-one basis, spending that extra time to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved.

Tasmanian Leisure & Pleasure is showcased all year round on Southern Cross Television, 7TWO and 7MATE and is the longest running and highest profile show of its type in Tasmania and around Australia.

Current & past Tasmanian Leisure & Pleasure commercials

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